Jumping spider moves in

A few days ago I spotted a jumping spider in the bedroom ......

Me: Come quickly, theres an evil creature in the room
The Boyf (from another room): I'm sure you're exaggerating
Me: I'm not, its big and doing ninja moves. I think its hostile
The Boyf (still in another room): ok, I'll be there in a minute
Me: A minute is too long, by then it could have taken off my arm
The Boyf (finally appears): *looks at creature* its just a nice friendly jumping spider
Me: Well, its got to go. It will jump on my things and contaminate them with its furry legs
The Boyf: I think we should leave it and let it roam free. Its eating all the bad bugs
Me: Leave it! Roam free! Are you mad? It will probably attack us in our sleep or crawl into my ear and try and eat my brain.
The Boyf: Lets just leave it, its harmless and friendly *leans super close and smiles at creature*
Me: ummm.....*looks at spider, looks at The Boyf*
The Boyf: It will be ok, I promise it wont attack you
Me: ummm..ok, I will let it stay for now- but if it comes near me its going to have be taken care of.
The Boyf : * grins* ok, honey

Anyways, since that day I have spotted the jumping spider in a number of places around the apartment. I seem to be dealing with the fact that its moved in alot better than I thought I would.

Since The Boyf seems to really like this little creature, I have stopped plotting to secretly remove it from the house. I have even gone as far as to chat to it for a few minutes and tell it the "rules" (don't touch my stuff, don't invite friends over , etc). Who knows, maybe this little spider will help me get over some of my intense spider fears.

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* this is a re-post


  1. I'm still trying to stare that spider down. Just wondering which eye to look at.

  2. I have a completely irrational fear of spiders, i would not deal with this well, at all! You are much braver than me! Oh the nailpolish on my latest post isn't from Essie, i bought it at a random chemist in Prague!

  3. I don't have a problem with spiders, but there was a cricket in my bathtub, last Saturday, that was really pissing me off. lol!

    It's still in my bathroom somewhere.

  4. This is such a cute post, and sounds so familiar.

    My boyfriend says the same thing. "leave it, they eat mosquitoes" Well I have no problem with mosquitoes? Feel free to buzz away! My PROBLEM is with the spider that's plotting to take ME down! Co-habiting is not an option!

  5. not gonna lie, I would have sprayed him with whatever cleaning solvent I could find 1st (windex is a fav) and flushed him once he was immobile. I could not deal!


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