Take me out to the ball game...

Even though I am no big sports fan, I still think that going to a baseball game is a lot of fun. I have luckily been to a few in my life - but this was my first time at Dodgers stadium and it was fantastic.

My American friends advised me that we had to do a Friday night game, as there would be fireworks (plus we could avoid the midday heat). So, we landed up going to a LA Dodgers vs Minnesota Brewers night game (Dodgers won!)

My favourite things about baseball games:

* The singing - it's awesome...and everyone gets really into it.
* The vibe - everyone seems to be on some kind of baseball induced high. It's contagious
* The dedication to wearing baseball supporter stuff - A few minutes in the stadium and I felt an overwhelming urge to buy everything from the Dodgers store.
* The shouting - People really get out their aggression at a baseball game... I even noticed that it almost doesn't really matter what you shout, its just acceptable to shout stuff at games. So my advice is go and shout random crap, it's way cheaper than therapy.
* The giant screens that show you the crowd and players - highly entertaining.

All in all it was such a memorable night.


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  1. Think I'd love it... Shouting randomly at people is one of my specialities 😁


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