The Long Street Boutique Hotel

The Long Street Boutique Hotel is located right in the inner city of Cape Town, along the very vibey Long Street strip.

If you judged this hotel purely by its inconspicuous entrance, you might be fooled into thinking there was not much to it...  and you would be wrong.

The look & feel: As you step in from the bustling street, and climb the old staircase to the first floor, you feel as though you have stepped into some quaint little European city hotel. It kind of has an old world charm about it, but still has everything the modern day traveller could ask for (so, yes, it has wifi).

The hotel has 12 rooms and, from the ones I saw, all of them are lovely. The high ceilings and large windows ensure the rooms have a bright and airy look.

We stayed in a deluxe room (which actually exceeded my expectations). The bed was super comfy, it had a Nespresso machine (anything that supports my coffee addiction is a big plus for me) and the bathroom had a bath with feet (AKA my dream bath) alongside a large shower.  The room also had all the usual 'must haves' such as aircon, TV, fluffy towels, mini toiletries, safe etc.

Oh, and I should mention that the windows are all double glazed. Which obviously helps with room temperature and blocking out some noise.

 All photos are my own, except the bathroom shot (which i borrowed from the hotels website)

The service: The service was good and the staff were relaxed and friendly. Being a smaller hotel, the service seemed a bit more personal.

Other thoughts: The location is really fantastic for sightseeing and dining (or partying it up)  - you have a few good restaurant and bar choices just a few steps from the hotel (for a fantastic breakfast, I can highly recommend Lola's - which is right across the road).

Would I stay there again? I really enjoyed my stay there and, since the price was better than some of the other nice hotels in the area, I'd definitely consider staying there again.

To book a stay or read more about the hotel, go HERE

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